THe Dark Castle is a instance in the expansion Tide of Shadows.


Millions of years ago, Triranta, carved out of the peaks of Shadow moon Valley,a small tunnel. This tunnel lead past the Twisting Nether and stopped at a giant castle carved out of solid marble. There Triranta ruled over part of the galaxy,alone and away from the other Titans because he had broken away from the Titans. He was the father Sageras.

When the other Titan's heard of his domain they went to destroy it,but Triranta cast a spell that would make his castle disappear into the Plain of Nothingness.

Eons later when Sageras turned evil,he went out his father. 10 years later,he found it. Sageras and his father now plot to overthrow the Pantheon from there Palace of Darkness.


The Dark Keeper

DEmonmaster Yulon

The King's Emissary

Royal Guard Member Jauque

Royal Guard Alana

Royal Guard Ralfa

Guard Captaion Alexander

The Final BossEdit

Just as you enter the Fianal room, you see  Thrall and THe  Aryn Vyrn fighting  the KIng side by THe side. You rush to help them,but are knocked back. TRiranta grabs Thrall and Vryn and  dissapears. Then the castle starts to collapses.


Your raid has to race back the way you came. THere are no mobs this time.but if a rock hits you,you get hit with 1790 damage. One you get out,another cut scene shows Trinata at the peak of the tower looking down on you and he shoots a giant shadow ball. All of you characters disapear and you awake in a bed in the Wild Hammar Stronghold. Your raid goes and talks to the Wild Hammar's leader. He gives a temporary hypogryph to ride to the King. THe Cut scene stops.

In order to get to the King, everyone in your party must have expineced the cut scene. You can cause the final isntance, Battle over Nowhere by talking the the Wildhammers Leader.


THere are no quests for this instance.

The Instances theme is th not verbal version of Eye of Tiger.

THe Instance has 1200 mobs.

It is the biggest instance in all of Warcraft.

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