Tanilias Starseeker
Background Information
Race High Elf
Class Mage
Vital Statistics
Hair Gold
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Birthplace Silvermoon City
Current Residence Dalaran


Tanilias Starseeker was one of the members of the Convocation of Silvermoon. During the Third War, Prince Arthas stormed Silvermoon and butchered most of the elves in the city. In a furious battle, Anasterian was slain, along with a handful of other members of the Convocation. Nonetheless, Tanilias survived and escaped. In the following years, he witnessed his homeland descend into blood elven arts, choosing to use dark magics to sate the newfound addiction to magic. Proud of the old ways, Tanilias abstained, and remained a high elf. He tutored the young Daladun Hawkspear in the arts of the Holy Light, though Tanilias himself was primarily a mage, and a former student at Dalaran.

After Daladun's training, Tanilias received a summons from Dalaran. He was forced to leave Quel'Thalas on the eve of the Sunfury Covenant's formation. In Dalaran, Tanilias was briefed by Ansirem Runeweaver, and was sent on a diplomatic mission to Theramore. By the time Tanilias had returned to Quel'Thalas, he found that Daladun had turned to the blood elf ways, and was a dark master in the Sunfury Covenant. Xellos Des'vana, his old rival, had turned him. Fortunately, Tanilias managed to redeem Daladun, and together they continued their quest to find a cure for their people and return Silvermoon into the folds of the Alliance. Their plans were interrupted when Kael'thas Sunstrider returned from Outland. Much to their surprise, Kael'thas instead began a civil war, and attempted to summon in Kil'jaeden at Quel'Danas. With the help of Aelir, Daladun and the Shattered Sun Offensive, Tanilias sailed to Quel'Danas to save his homeland. Xellos Des'vana had led the majority of the Sunfury Covenant and the Sin Belore into aligning with Kael. On the field of combat, Tanilias confronted the heretical Xellos Des'vana, and destroyed him. The Sunfury Covenant's rebellious remnants were defeated. This left the Shattered Sun Offensive with a clear path to finish off Kael and Kil'jaeden in the following conflicts. Once the affairs at Quel'Danas calmed down, Tanilias returned to Silvermoon with Daladun. The time had come to help steer the return of a golden age, and redeem their people once and for all.

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