Basic Information
Race Human
Class *Paladin (foremrly)
  • Fallen Paldin
Affiliation *Lordaeran (formerly)
Professions Fighting
Vital Statistics
Height 2m,89cm
Build Demonic
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Personal Information
Age 67 with extended life-span
Birthplace Dalaran
Current Residence The Tattered Spire

Terac Kursse was a Paladin of Lordaeran until Prince Arthas's betrayal. He followed Arthas to Northrend and was the only one loyal enough to be with him to kill the Royal Court of Lordaeran many months later. He then left Arthas's service to recruit Paladins and knights who had become tired of Lordaeran and wished for greater things. He taught his recruits the ways of evil magic and how to channel their anger through a blade. He then named them the Order of the Fallen Paladins and made the newly christened Dark Knights their minions. He is currently recruiting more from among the Illidari in Draenor.


Early LifeEdit

Terac was born to parents of nobility within Lordaeranian culture. He was raised as a Paladin and trained alongside the mages in Dalaran. He excelled at both magic and physical combat and was admired by many. He was a rare exception to the rule amongst Paladins in that he did not wield a large hammer but an enchanted longsword. He entered the service of Uthar Lightbringer when he was fifteen years old, making him the youngest official Paladin ever. Here he met Arthas Terenil, Crown Prince of Lordaeran and befriended him. He was then sent alongside his master and closest friend to deal with an incursion of Balckrock orcs near Strahnbrad.


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