The Fifth Dwarf
Basic Information
Race Dark Iron Dwarf
Class Unknown
Professions Unknown
Vital Statistics
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Build Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown, presumably red
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Unknown, presuambly Shadowforge City

Despite of (or perhaps because of) what Mobead Headkicker claims, there is no fifth member of the Black Flames. He has made the occasional claim that there is another member, but his actual details of said member are extremely vauge. Aside from the fact that they were a Dark Iron and wer allmost certainly male, Mobead seems to be unable to recall any specifics of the individual.

It's almost like he was making it up, and ran out of ideas towards the end.

Of course, there's also the possibility that there is a fifth member of the Black Flames; however, they are just very elusive and so far have managed to avoid detection. This would make sense for a member of a (supposed) elite commando force.

Given that both are very elusive and both (possibly) are Dark Irons, there is also the frightening possibilty that the Fifth Dwarf is Uncle Bob.

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