Gnomes of EVIL
The Gnomes of EVIL
Guild Information
Guild Name The Gnomes of EVIL
Founded By Sargeras-Gnome
Current Leader Sargeras-Gnome
Faction Independent
Location Dun Morogh

We are evil! Oh, yes we are! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAHAAHAHAHAAA! Were was I? Oh yes, we are evil!


It is a fact that gnomes are insane, and it is also a fact that the gnome calling themselves "The Gnomes of EVIL" (what EVIL stands for is unknown) are amongst the insaniest there are. Started by the elusive gnome known only as "Sargeras-Gnome", believing himself to be Sargeras himself, GoEVIL (to abbreviate it) is supposed to be "the true evil of Azeroth!". Each member believes him or herself to be a historical villain, the ones with most powerful personas are the ones with the highest ranks. The "-Gnome" suffixes to the names of the members is something outsiders use to separate them from the ones they're impersonating. They're actually quite harmless for a group of wannabee dark lords.

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