The Icecrown Campaign is a story/novel about the Alliance and the Horde invasion of Icecrown, and about the protagonist's (Tyera Nightwhisper) death to Arthas (the Lich King).


Canon CharactersEdit

  • King Varian Wrynn
  • Jainia Proudmoore
  • Thrall
  • Sylvannus Windrunner
  • Arthas
  • Varimathras (Mentioned)
  • Grand Apothecary Putress
  • Darion Mograine
  • Tirion Fordring
  • Thassarian

Fanon CharactersEdit

  • Tyera Nightwhisper
  • Heather Foles
  • Apotheracy Pentross
  • Scourge Windrider Terefoln



The tragic events at the Wrathgate deeply saddened all of the Alliance, losing one of it's most veteran soldirs. But now, the Alliance, and the Horde, were ready to avenge their fallen commrades. With the help of the Argent Crusade, they will push right on through to Icecrown, and annhilate the undeath that defiles that place. Negotiations had gone well with the Argent Crusade, as they agreed to help the Alliance in it's battle. The soldiers were currently stationed in the south east of Icecrown, being overlooked by the magical, magnificant Dalaran city. The Argent Camp was always under heavy attack by the monstrious scourge.

In the camp, Tyera Nightwhisper sat next to Jaina Proudmoore, leader of Theremore. The Argent Crusader, Tirion Fording, was the first to speak, "The Invasion of Icecrown is going to be the hardest battle we have had to face, no doubt." Several soldiers looked at eachover, Tirion contiued, "The Scourge have a tight grip on this land, so a technique of punching a hole in there lines is the best idea so far." Tyera looked back at Tirion, listening to every word heavily. Tirion then spoke again, "So, do we all agree on making a hole in the Scourge's lines, allowing us to move through." Several soldiers raised their hands in approval, some others didn't, but were probably not listening. Tirion then spoke again, "Well, since the majority of us agree on this idea, our catapults will be ready to give covering support to our soldiers on the front lines. Everyone in the room agreed.

The Catapults were being loaded up, while the rock was being prepared to be set on fire, destroying the corpses will ensure that the scourge cannot revive them. Tyera, along with Jaina, left the conference room, Tyera was first to speak, "So, the Scourge has really annoyed the Alliance pass it's level huh?"

"Oh yes, during the Battle of the Undercity, Varian Wrynn declared war on the Horde, mainly due to deep sadness at Bolvar's death," Jaina replied.

"So, are you going to join our loyal soldiers in the battle against the scourge aswell?" Tyera asked gently.

"For a small portion, but then I am returning to Theremore, that place can't run without me," Jaina answered.

"Of course," Tyera said.

The horn of war suddenly echoed the mountains as the soldiers of the alliance charged towards the ndead Scourge up ahead. The hundreds of catapults started to fire towards the almost fleshless carcasses. Jaina and Tyera then both nodded, and ran down towards the battle.

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