The Open Arms in Oggrimar

The Open Arms was a tavern in Ogrimmar created and run by The Brotherhood.

The brainchild of Kayleene Boganne, one of the members of the Brotherhood, the Open Arms was created as a way to further cooperation and friendship amongst the members of the Horde. Besides providing rest and relaxation for the Horde’s members, the Arms could serve a second purpose in support of the Brotherhood’s aims. The idea being that the Arms would serve as a neutral meeting place for horde members to meet and resolve any conflicts and issues they may have with each other.

Kolak Plainstrider, the leader of the Brotherhood, approved of the idea and set aside funds to make it a reality. Purchasing space in one of Ogrimmar’s lower valleys near the front gate, he funded the construction and the outfitting of the facility. Kayleene however, was chosen to run the tavern, seeing as not only was it her idea originally, but she had previous experience as a barmaid. In addition, the tavern was also set up to act as a meeting hall for the Brotherhood, so that they could get together to discuss guild matters.

While a little smaller then some of Ogrimmar’s other taverns, the Open Arms had a cozy, comfortable atmosphere that they lacked, feeling in many ways more like a human-style Inn then the boisterous, noisy places that the Orcs preferred. This came about again both from Kayleen’s experience, as well as the desire to create a quiet, friendly environment.

Unfortunately, the tavern did not attract as much patronage as hoped. While certainly individuals would come by for a drink or two, rarely would entire guilds visit. Furthermore, very few made it their tavern of choice, preferring instead to go to Ogrimmar’s larger, nosier watering holes instead.

The Open arms was burnt to the ground during the Scourge Invasion of Ogrimmar. There are no plans to rebuild it, nor any to relocate it to elsewhere in the city.

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