The Order of the Fallen Paladins was founded by Terac Kursse about a year before the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Until very recently, it consisted solely of human Paladins and knights who had decided to abandon their respective orders. They are based out of the Tattered Spire in the Plaguelands and are still headed by Kursse. At the last count, they numbered 1245 masters (apprentices are not counted as order members but number around 5000 nonetheless) and were allied to the Forsaken.

The system works that new recruits, regardless of age, are made apprentices to a senior member of the order whom they refer to as their master. The pair of them are then sent out on quests together to build the apprentice's skills and hate of the outside world. Many apprentices do not survive to make it to the rank of master.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Order of the Fallen Paladins is very similar to the Sith of Star Wars.

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