'The Sanctum is the headquarters for the guild the Blood Angels. The Sanctum is a castle in the Plaugelands that was captured from the undead and was turned into the guilds headquarters. It is manned at all tiems by an army of soldiers dedicated to the guild.

In the Sanctum the members of the Blood Angles are safe from the undead hoards that surround them at all time and are able to train to fight againdt their enemies. In this castle their leader, Lord Bloodd plans their goal to attack ans desotry the undead and their other enemies.

The Santcum is heavily fortified and protected form all attacks. Besides its thick walls and soldiers it has rows of deadly cannons and guns built into its wals as well as magical wards that means that nobody can enter the sanctum with magic unless the [[Blood Angels[[ or Lord Bloodd allow them too, so Mages cannot teleport in or Warlocks cannot summon people in. This means that the Sanctum is invunerable attack, even htough thousands have tried and been slaughtered trying.

Inside the sactum is everything its members need to live there with plenty of bedrooms and food supllies and weapons and ammunitions. It has many labs and places for mages and warlocks to proactice their magic arts, as well as a chapel for its prests and workshops for alchemistas and enginners. There are also secret dungeons where there prisoners are kept and interrogated.

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