In this mirror universe, the Orcish Horde triumphed in the Second War. Driven off their home continent, the humans settled the forgotten shores of Kalimdor.

Timeline Edit

Warcraft III: The Last Hope Edit

On Warcraft's tutorial we see Orgrim Doomhammer being warned by Medivh's spirit of the imminent betrayal of Gul'dan. Doomhammer dismisses the warning, but soon discovers it to be true. Gul'dan has revived the Shadow Council and is getting ready to call his demonic allies from the Twisting Nether using the Dark Portal. Cho'Gall and Teron'gor betray his master in exchange of the Warchief's forgiveness. Orgrimdefeats Gul'dan, but the warlock takes revange by destroying the Dark Portal and sealing Draenor and Azeroth apart.

On the Alliance campaign, the survivors from the human kingdoms have arrived to...

Factions Edit

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