The islands of the SouthEdit

THe IOS(islands of the south)is a new expansion for WoW.It is based on the a large chain of islands to the south of stranglethorn Vale.It will be for levels 80-90.


This area's native inhabitants are the TRolls(of a paler complexion and a shorter stature).It also has many beasts and elementals.It was recently rediscovered by a grouhp of Argent Dawn soliders,on there way to DArnassus.They were swept up in the Maelstorm and thrown to the south.With the help of some very nice trolls,they were able to get back to Booty Bay with one of the trolls.THey explained there case and a swarm of adventures began departing for the Islands of the South.THere is evidence that the Burning Legion has a hold on the most Eastern island and the LIch king on the msot Wester island.THey war for control over the islands.


The dungeon list: 1.The Extra Plain 2.Solitary Hold 3.Keep of the Lost 4. Achermist\ 5.The Shadow 6.Worlds end

The EP has two wings Plain One Plain two

The Shadow can only be accessed if you have completed Achermist and done the quest line the true evil. It has three wings THe outer rim The inner circle The core

New raceEdit

There is a new race ,the Goblin.This enterprising race were one the first to set foot on the islands after they were discovered.You will only be able to play as a goblin if you already have a level 75 and a exalted reputation with the Steemwheel Cartel.

Another New race is the Winter Elf. THis race was native to the most southern island,which is the coldest place on Azeroth.You will only be able to play as a Winter elf if you are level 90 and have a exalted reputaion with Darnassus if your allaince or silvermoon if your horde.

Both of these races will be neutral with THe allaince and horde. You have to the quest choosing a side to well,choose a side.

A goblin can be a Warrior,Mage,warlock,Death Knight,hunter and rouge.

A Winter Elve can be a warrior,hunter,druid,mage and warlock.This race cannot be a Death knight.

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