Featuring: Marruka

"This was written as an IC response to Remember, any sue you can write, i can assassinate."

Marruka watched the target closely. She was dancing and capering around the fire like some sort of deranged madwoman. Her hideous features bespoke of a half breed ancestry, some bastard mix of night elf and fel orc perhaps. Certainly no pairing across species could be accomplished WITHOUT demonic taint .

The white boar shifted anxiously next to her, poised to attack. Marra placed one green taloned hand on the pig’s bristly head, calming it. Carefully, she sunk the bayonet that gave her preferred weapon its name into the sod of the mound she lay upon, stabilising it. Around her, the wildlife of Ashenvale kept its distance, the predators knowing a more serious predator when they smelt one. Finally, she took a gnomish made shell from her ammo pouch, and eased it into the breach of her gunblade.

Those goblins. Always willing to trade a gal what she’d need for the perfect crime. Once shell, and the Warcheif’s manhood and brain would be restored to him.

Marruka took careful aim.


The gyrostabilized thorium cased shell ripped past the speed of sound, skreeing like a silithaid. It impacted the wanna be witch doctor in the center of her sloped forehead, just above her malformed nose, dashing her brains out of her mutated skull. "Feast on that Ham Sammich!" Marra commanded of the pig beside her. Grunting happily, it obeyed.

Marruka basked in the knowledge of a job well done. By the time they found the body, all that would be left of that repulsive bitch would be a skeleton, the only evidence surrounding her demise misleading.

"Lok Tar that!" she said, happily strolling off with smoking gun draped over her sloping shoulder.

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