Thomas Godfrey
Background Information
Race Worgen
Class Mage
Vital Statistics
Height 6 feet
Build Muscularish
Hair dark brown
Eyes brown (human); yellow (worgen)
Personal Information
Age 40
Birthplace Gilneas
Current Residence Gilneas

Lord Thomas Godfrey was a new renegade nobleman from Gilneas and the son of Vincent Godfrey. He, along with his family were afflicted with the worgen curse until they were later cured by Krennan Aranas. He held a grudge against his undead father who betrayed Gilneas since he didn't want to serve a Worgen King. He became a lord since Greymane trusted him.


Thomas Godfrey was first encountered by Worgen players in Duskhaven. He gives them quests to rescue his family and several Gilneans from a band of Forsaken. With his family safe, Thomas leads the worgens and Darkfallen to the village and create a diversion.

  • Lord Thomas Godfrey says: What is this? I thought the these undead creatures were part of the Scourge.
  • King Genn Greymane says: There not anymore Thomas. They broke away from the Scourge a while ago. It's a good thing that they are on our side.
  • Lord Thomas Godfrey says: What do you think there going to do your majesty?
  • King Genn Greymane says: They've captured several Forsaken soldiers after the battle ended. The Darkfallen are going to use some kind of magic to make them alive again, but turning them into worgens since they added the curse to combine the magic. It's going to be difficult Thomas. Some of them have been turned back, but the rest haven't since the magic is not strong enough. This is the only way to restore Gilneas with the Darkfallen. They are the key of bringing peace.
  • Lord Thomas Godfrey says: I see your majesty. But they are undead, and hold a grudge against the undead.
  • King Genn Greymane says: I know Thomas, but have faith in them. They are not part of the Horde. They are our allies, so try to show some respect.
  • Lord Thomas Godfrey says: I understand Greymane. But there is a reason. My father became an undead, and I'm angry that he betrayed us all. I will never forgive him and the Forsaken for what they did. He was upset that me and my family became these ferocious beasts.
  • King Genn Greymane says: There is still hope Thomas, and but there is no turning back. We are use to this, and we Worgens can do a lot of things here. This what we have to be my friend. We cannot turn back into ordinary humans, we have to protect our land from the chaos of the Horde.
  • Lord Thomas Godfrey says: I know Greymane!

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