Treant of New Life
Race Information
Homeland Moonglade and Winterspring
Language Treant, Common, Darnassian, Gutterspeak
Average Height 8'9
Skin Color Brown
Hair Colors None, leaves
Lifespan Unknown
Faction None, but prefers Forsaken

The Treant of New Life is a variant of the Treant species. They attempt to regrow areas of the world too damaged for regular Treants to fix- such as the Dead Scar. The Treant species is unaffiliated but the most encountered prefer the Forsaken to the other species, finding them a very interesting species that doesn't kill them like their counterpart (the scourge). A vial of the Treant of New Life's blood can power a Moonwell, or can help grow plant life when poured on damaged land. The Treant's blood is incredibly valuable as it is required to recieve assistance from Azeroth's greatest Rouge/Assassin, Enchantere.

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