The War of Rebellions was ended with a short treaty named for the planet where the rebels ultimately surrendered. It reads as follows.

The Treaty of MarsEdit

This treaty is a declaration of surrender of the United Rebel Forces against the UOGE. All Rebel forces are to be evaluated and, if passed, to be reintergrated into their original militaries. All rebel-occupied planets are to be withdrawn from, all rebel bases searched, and all rebel controlled worlds given to UOGE powers. All hostilities are to be ceased immediately. Any forces resisting search and evaluation are to be destroyed if necessary.The UOGE will insure all rebel forces will not be harmed unless in self defense of the UOGE force. All civilians are to take be given immediate aid and Rebel POW's to be pyshologically evaluated and freed or held depending on the results. The URF are officially disbanded as soon as this treaty is officialized. All UOGE nations and the Rebel forces signing this treaty are bound to it permenently.


Adam Cain- military leader of the UOGE; representitive of the HCAO

Arthas Mentril- representitive of the Lich King

King Teharus- King of the United Human Kingdom; representitive of the Alliance

Thrall- Warchief of the Horde

Malfurion Stromrage- archdruid and High Councilman of the Night Elven Nation

Valer Menco- Pres. of the TSC

Kaloras- Praetor High Templar of the United Tribes of the Fallen Empire

Zercos- representitive of the United Swarm

Ysgamo- priest of the Northern Kingdom of Aomtha

Secun- High Priestess of the Southern Desert Kingdom of Aomtha

Alexni- general of the Central Kingdom of Aomtha

Sacarius- priest of the Island Kingdom of the Endless Sea of Aomtha

John Archer- General of the IPDIOT

Gen. Marcosi- humble servant of the BON

Forman 572- emisary of the GROTS

Lffx273XCFS- representitive of the FSC

Magino- representitive of the Reestablished Council of Ecumene

Jackson Lee- leader of the United Rebel Forces

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