The Treaty of Ratchet was a compromise between the Commonwealth of Theramore and the Kingdom of Menethil mediated by baron Gazlowe, overseer of Ratchet.

Tensions Edit

After the end of the Great War, Theramore struggled to establish her own supremacy over the Barrens. The theramorians signed the Treaty of Taurajo with their allied tauren tribes to settle them on the Mulgore plains as a vassal state. Several particular treaties with neighbouring centaur and quilboar communities secured a network of alliances that would provide both monetary and military assistance to Theramore, specially on the defence of the borders and the trade routes. At the treaty of Taurajo, que theramorians laid claim over many lands they could not effectively occupy: the Echo Isles had been invaded by Darkspear trolls, the Fray Island was under dispute by the Southsea Freebooters and the baron Macleod, neither of whom recognised the theramorian sovereignity over the isle, and many of the land claimed actually belonged to vassal tribes.

The main concerns of Theramore were: securing maritime trade by erradicating the threat of the freebooters, expelling the trolls from the Echo Isles (due to their proximity to the orcs) andmaking peace with Menethil Harbor (founded by a splinter group from the original expedition that had evolved into the Commonwealth). But Menethil was ready to dispute their supremacy over the region. Things got even more complicaed when goblin entrepreneur Gazlowe acquired a permit to settle a goblin colony by the name of Ratchet on th Merchant Coast.

Menethil sent an expedition to try and conquer the rest of the peninsula, while founding a fort to secure the other bank of the river. Meanwhile Theramore prepared a fleet to blockade the river if need be.

Text of the Treaty Edit

We the Commonwealth of Theramor and the Nation of the Menethil hereby compromise to:

Respect the autonomy and sovereignity of the Port of Ratchet. The authorities of such Port shall excersice jurisdiction over a territory stretching from the coastline from Theramore's last port to the north to the mouth of the Terenas River, six miles inland, from the established border of Theramor to the said River. None of the signing nations shall trespass or advance on the designated territory, or violate the sovereign status of Ratchet, nor the rights of its citizens.

Navigation of the aforementioned River shall be free for all ships, trade between both nations and such a Port shall flow unrestrained, and no agression will be committed.

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