The Treaty of Camp Taurajo vas a bilateral agreement between the Nation of Mulgore and the Commonwealth of Theramore after the Third War. It was one of the preexisting pacts of the Alliance

Previous situation Edit

As early as 18 a. O., tauren tribes began migrating from the Southern Barrens to the north. Some of these tribes clashed against the centaur tribes allied to Theramore, some raided dwarven settlements under the jurisdiction of Bael Modan. A large part of the tribes joined under the guidance of chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof.

The centaur tribes, long divided b intertribal rivalries, now organized as pro-Theramore or anti-Theramore, had a new enemy. A joint force was organized, causing Theramore to break diplomatic ties with most of their centaur allies in the south (a position long held by Bael Modan). Cairne defeated the centaurs at Marauder Peak, prompting the theramoreese politicians to call for an alliance.

After defeating the centaur confederation, Cairne faced disension among his ranks. The anti-druidic traditionalists and the most tribalistic among the chieftains intended to regain their independence, an many did not recognize Cairne's authority to regulate the settlement of the Mulgore plains. In the beginnings of 20 a. O., some theramoreese settlements reported attacks by tauren marauders. The leader of the Cairne loyalist tribes on the Gold Road, Jorn Skyseer, arranged a meeting with General John Hawthorne, who helped him establish a fortress from which to submit the rebel tribes. After that, he created a tribunal for land allocations, which would distribute territory among the tribes, from the Gold Road to the mountains.

After the Burning Legion invasion of Mulgore, the remaining tauren tribes agreed to the need (weather temporary) of a unified government that would lead the post-war reconstruction and resolve the intertribal territorial disputes peacefully. To that prupose, Cairne invited a theramoreese intervention force led by Hawthorne, who recommended that he call for a meeting of the main chieftains of both the loyalist (pro-unification) and skeptic (pro-independence) factions. On 21 a. O., Cairne summoned the very first Bonefire Council, which included loyalists like Jorn Skyseer, Hamuul Ronetotem, Tahu Sagewind and Aponi Brightmane; and skeptics like Magatha Grimtotem, Greyhoof Farwanderer, Kador Cloudsong and Holt Thunderhorn. They authorized Cairne to sign a treaty with the Commonealthon behalf of "the United Tauren Tribes".

Stipulations of the treaty Edit

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