Troggdor Image
Basic Information
Race Trogg
Class Warrior
Affiliation Rockjaw Troggs
Professions Chieftain / Mining, Tailoring
Vital Statistics
Height .91 meters
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age 1460 Troggaro (4 years)
Birthplace Near Ironforge
Current Residence Near Ironforge

"The rockjaw fool thinks he can remove the dwarves... only the might of us blood elves can do that!"
Asyria Sunfinder

Troggarn'dorth IV (a.k.a. Trogg'dor) is the chieftain of the Rockjaw Trogg clan, the Ro'c-ja Narth. His main goal the four years he's been alive is the genocide of the Ironforge Dwarves.


Trogg'dor looks much like a Rockjaw Trogg in his appearance and stature. However, he is slightly bigger than the regular troggs. He also bares a hunched back and whiter hair. Unlike most troggs, he can also speak the Earthen language and can speak night elfish.


Trogg'dor had the personality of a rock. Stubborn and arrogant. He was a bastard to everyone who apposed him, especially to Hammerspine.


Trogg'dor was an Earthen who mutated into a Rockjaw Trogg (instead of into a dwarf). He was rebellious to Dun Morogh's trogg leader, Hammerspine, and ran off to make his own clan -the Ro'c-ja Narth. Trogg'dor is filled with his own ideas of throwing the dwarfs out of Ironforge and taking it for the Ro'c-ja Narth. Trogg'dor was so disgruntled against dwarfs because they didn't accept the troggs into their community.

In the end, however, Trogg'dor wound up slowly forgetting his task, and fell ill with a short-term memory disease. Now he wanders Dun Morogh, knowing nothing but inevitable death.