Arena Team Information
Founded By Tuuron
Current Leader Tuuron
Team Size 3v3
Location Shattrath City

"We may need you to play Twing-Twang"

One day, for want of anything else to do, Tuuron decided to form an Arena team. He approached his "friend" Astarien Stormwood with the idea; the Druid readily agreed to the plan. Part of this was because he enjoyed the idea of fighting other people for profit, and part was because he knew better then to argue with Tuuron. Instead, he "volunteered" his friend and adventuring partner, Caderos Howlrunner as a third member of the team.

Naming the team "Twing Twang" (Tuuron declined to explain. Astarien and Caderos knew better then to ask anyway), the three of them readily joined the competition. To their surprise, the three of them found that they enjoyed a degree of success in the arena. Even though the three of them lacked experience in arena duels, they found that their preference for unusual tactics and degree of adaptability paid off.

Possibly the team's greatest asset is actually Tuuron himself. While a capable fighter (and swinging a mean hammer) the Draenei Paladin seems to have an unnatural ability to enrage and confuse his opponents. Their enemies will fervently abandon their battle plans and focus all their energies on taking him out. As a result, they are often caught by surprise by Caderos' arrows and sneak attacks from a well-concealed catform Astarien.

Current MembersEdit

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