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I will be gone for a long time,But i have left my mark,i will not be forgotten.--Tyrothon 21:44, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

Youth Edit

File:WoWScrnShot 011009 224454.jpg

Basic Information
Race High Elf
Class Paladin
Guild Silvermoon Empire
Professions Imperial guard
Vital Statistics
Height 2.0m
Build Heavy
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age 140
Birthplace Eversong Woods
Current Residence Silvermoon City

140 years ago deep in eversong woods a baby was born,his older brother Aeldon was Captain of the Blood Hawks,his father was a woodcutter,and spent most of the day away from home,on the childs fifth birthday his father did not return.He and his mother were not worried because sometimes the father was late,but it became dark and there was still no sign of the boys father so his mother went out to look for him,five minutes later the child heard his mother scream,he ran to where he heard the scream...there was blood everywhere and he heard a howl in the distance,wolves came out from the darkness,the boy closed his eyes expecting to die,but the wolves sat down around him,when he walked away they followed him,they treated him as if he was their pack leader.For ten years he lived with the wolves that had killed his parents.he started slowly to think like a wolf,one day a group of travellers from silvermoon found him,now a boy of fifteen years old,and took him back to silvermoon,He found his Brother,who offered him a position in The blood Hawks,Tyrothon accepted his offer and slowly learned to become a good soldier.One day his brother was killed near Tranquillien,and Tyrothon became captain of The Blood Hawks

The Blood Hawks Edit

Tyrothon Learned how to command Troops,and led his team on several successful missions,Until one day he too was sent on a mission To Tranquillien,They were ambushed by some Undeads,Tyrothon turned to ride back to his men,and when he reached the top of the hill he saw a gruesome sight,all his men were dead, some with severed limbs lying in their own blood,with Necromancer's using there spells to play with the Corpses,one of the Crypt fiends saw him and raced towards him while alerting the others,Tyrothon fled but before he had gotten far an Arrow hit him in the back and he fell from his Wolf and everything went black,he awoke to find himself in Silvermoon.

Healing Edit

Tyrothon found himself in the care of some Priests In Silvermoon,they were healing him but they said that the arrow he had ben hit with had been poisoned,and if one of the Hunters hadnt found him in time he would have died,he asked the name of The hunter who had saved his life,and they said that her name was Natalie Sunstrider,Tyrothon was suprised that one of Kael'Thas's own children was a hunter,but he did not ask about it

Joining The Empire Edit

A few days after being Healed,Tyrothon was recruited into the Silvermoon Empire, and is now the rank Of Guardian in it,he continues to serve The Empire to this day

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