The UOGE is a galactic alliance that involves all significant groups in the delta quadrant of the Milky Way. The planets and Dreanor and Azeroth are in this zone. The Alliance, Horde, Scourge, and Elven Sentinels are members of the UOGE.

Effects on AzerothiansEdit

The UOGE has given the four factions spacecraft and colony planets. They have orbital defenses too. They also have immunity to attack from other UOGE organization, and can call on support when needed. They have, however, been attacked by the rebels and, later, Revolutionaries wishing to crumble them.


  • Rebellion War- almost 2 year, quite bloody war between a large rebellioon and the UOGE
  • Revolutionary War- ongoing war, causing rivers of blood to flow with no end in sight
  • Azeroth Rebellion- recently began, bloody civil war in the alliance and horde
  • Third Accelewar- more like a race championship with heavy weapons than a war, the accelewar stopped a lethal foe from gaining an ultimate weapon
  • Drone War- After losing the Accelewar, the mystreious foes have recently began warfare againt the UOGE, weakening them.

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