Uncle Bob
Basic Information
Race Unknown
Class Unknown
Affiliation Uncle Bob's Axe Murderers
Vital Statistics
Height Unknown
Build Unknown
Hair Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Uncle Bob's Happening Pad

"I'm gonna make ye an offer ye better not refuse, laddie"
—Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob is the leader and founder of Uncle Bob's Axe Murderers. He commands absolute loyalty from his team, despite the fact that nobody has actually ever seen him.

Next to nothing is actually known about Uncle Bob; not even his race. From the few times that he has been heard, his voice and accent suggest that he is a Dwarf, possibly a Dark Iron, but there is no solid evidence otherwise. Nothing is known about his past either, nor about how he came to be in possession of a large manor on what appears to be an uncharted island near Stranglethorn, or, for that matter, why it is that he formed an arena team.

His recruitment methodology is somewhat strange as well; he seems to prefer to recruit from races that are not directly allied with either the Alliance or Horde, such as Forest Trolls, Ogres and Goblins. From what can be gathered, Uncle Bob observes a potential recruit and then contacts them or sends an intermediary such as Tung'Rak to recruit them into the team. Oddly enough, nobody ever refuses the offers.

The Axe Murderers themselves are run with a (sight unseen) iron hand; Uncle Bob demands absolute loyalty and obedience, and does not tolerate any questioning of his authority. He interacts with the team usually through a series of loudspeaking devices built into the walls and grounds of the manor. However, it is not clear if he is transmitting from within the manor or somewhere completely separate. No questions to his authority are ever entered into; those who do not agree with his orders are asked to leave. And they always do.

(Oddly enough, nobody has ever encountered a former team member; however, Tung'Rak and several other members of the current team will say that there were past team members but, after being dismissed, they were never seen again.)

Despite this, there are few disagreements with his heavy handed lead. Uncle Bob pays his team well and provides them with a comfortable place to live and opportunities to hurt people, which, in the end, is all that they really want.

True Identity?Edit

It has been speculated that Uncle Bob may actually be Deathwing. However, he may also be King Glenn Greymane, Brann Bronzebeard, Kilrogg Deadeye, The Fifth Dwarf, Mograine's other son or Princess Caria Menethil

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