Uncle Bob's Axe Murderers
Arena Team Information
Team Name Uncle Bob's Axe Murderers
Founded By Uncle Bob
Current Leader Tung'Rak
Team Size 5v5
Location Uncle Bob's Happening Pad

"Get ready to get axe murdered!"
—Mograr Steelhand

Uncle Bob's Axe Murderers are an arena team formed by the enigmatic Uncle Bob.

Rather then recruiting from the "mainstream" races of the Alliance or Horde, Uncle Bob, for some reason, chose to build his team from members of other factions not allied with either Alliance or Horde, and in some cases, directly opposed to either or both. Why Uncle Bob chose to do this is unclear; it is possible that he didn't want the members to be hampered by their loyalties to a greater cause. Or it could be that he found that the members of such groups to be more bloodthirsty and aggressive. Or it could just be that he felt like it.

While the Axe Murderers are managed and run by Uncle Bob, the day-to-day management of the team, as well as leadership in actual Arena battles, is handled by his Ogre Mage lieutenant, Tung'Rak. Uncle Bob himself rarely interacts with the rest of the team; certainly nobody on the team save for possibly Tung'Rak has actually ever seen him.

Despite their disparate origins, the members of the Axe Murderers work rather well together in battle. They stick to their assigned roles, concentrate their fire and try to disable or incapacitate as many opponents as possible; those remaining are then bought down quickly. The team constantly drills and practices for battle in their training grounds at Uncle Bob's Happening Pad, making sure that thy are always in peak condition.

Current MembersEdit

It is rumored that there were several former team members who chose to leave the team. It is also rumored that they didn't live too long afterwards.

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