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The archipelago is highlighted in green.

The Valespring Isles is a semi-volcanic archipelago composed of islands of varying sizes in the southern Great Sea. It can be found not too far to the west of the Cape of Stranglethorn and comprises two large islands—the northerly Bloodshimmer Island and southerly Arrdman's Retreat—as well as fourteen smaller islands. Of these, the penal colony Ru'umidian Cove is one of the most prominent.

The largest settlement in the Valespring Isles is Stonevale. Located on the northern coast of Arrdman's Retreat, the city is also the capital and most important trade hub of Azurmar. The island is also home to Port Kalumaar, a major military harbor.

By the time of the Shattering, all islands, bar Ru'umidian Cove, are claimed and ruled by the Kingdom of Azurmar. The Cove is jointly governed by both the Kingdom of Stormwind, as the majority of the prisoners housed Ru'umidian's retributive institution were from the mainland to the northwest.


It is speculated that the three largest landmasses of the archipelago first surfaced as a result of clashing tectonic plates over the eons. The land formations rested on a fault line between a southern polar plate and a northern plate which carries much of the continents of Azeroth and Khaz Modan as well as a fair portion of the Forbidden Sea.

Alliance–Horde WarEdit

Main articles: First Battle of the Vale Spring Isles; Second Battle of the Valespring Isles

Shortly after the Cataclysm event, relations between nations of the Alliance and Horde deteriorated once again, and conflict broke out between the two superpowers. On II Bliss, 1 ASh, the Horde attacked the archipelago with a task force of three warships. They quickly deployed shock troops in an attempt to overwhelm local soldiers and militants.

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