Vardan Warhoof
Basic Information
Race Tauren
Class Paladin
Professions Miner, Blacksmith
Vital Statistics
Height 2.41m
Build Muscular, Broad
Hair Black
Personal Information
Age 51
Birthplace The Barrens
Current Residence Warhoof Camp

A former member of the Grimtotem Tauren, Vardan Warhoof left his brethren to join the Horde. Following Thrall to join the Earthen Ring, he was one of the first few Tauren Paladin's of the Horde. Taking over part of the Cape of Stranglethorn, he opened up the Warhoof Camp where he along with his Tauren ally teach passing by Paladin's and Druid's.

Appearance Edit

Large and muscular, Vardan has black hair worn down with a braided beard. He wears glowing silver armor, with broad yyuglobe like shoulders and four spikes going down the back. He wears thick plate pants, with two hammers sheathed at both sides of his waist. The right hammer named Skullcrusher and the left Bonemaul, he has endowed them with Light. He is often seen next mseto his Kodo Swifty.

Personality Edit

A strong and proud man, Vardan was once a strong Grimtotem warrior. Known for slaying hundreds of Soldiers from Theramore Isle, he was feared by many. When the Cataclysm struck, he lost the two most important people in his life his wife and son. Wanting to believe they moved on too a better place, he became a Paladin. One of the first few Tauren Paladins, he was revered as one of the strongest Grimtotem. Upon meeting Thrall, Vardan left his fellow Grimtotem to align himself with Thrall who he saw a genius and powerful man. He would follow Thrall to join the Earthen Ring, however Vardan would leave to the Cape of Stranglethorn to teach young Paladins.

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