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Blood Elf Sorceress
Verresa Nightwalker
Basic Information
Race Unique Undead, Blood Elf (formally)
Class Unidentified, presumably Mage
Vital Statistics
Build Tall, slender
Hair Gold
Eyes Green, white after death
Personal Information

Verresa Nightwalker was a Blood Elf who lived during the Third War and The War against the Scourge. Not much is known about her, but her name has been revealed to be Verresa Nightwalker. She is only present in the story The Assassin Chronicles I:Forsaken Uprising where she attempted to reason with Garrosh Hellscream before he severly wounded her with his axe. After a brief fight between Sylvanas Windrunner and Garrosh, she was rescued and returned to Silvermoon, where she revealed that the Forsaken invasion was taking place in Ogrimmar. She died just after due to blood loss, with Sylvanas vowing to bring her back to life because 'she knew excatly what she wanted'.

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