The Dancing Couple
Vihrochnahn & Mellaroah Belrachkazuer
Background Information
Race Draenei
Class Mage (Vihro), Priest (Mella)
Professions Dancing, Singing
Vital Statistics
Height Average
Weight Average
Build Average
Hair Black (Vihro), Slate (Mella)
Eyes Cyan (Vihro), White (Mella)
Personal Information
Age Average
Birthplace Draenor
Current Residence Constantly Travelling

Vihro and Mella Belrachkauzer, known as the Dancing Couple, are two famous draenei dancers and singers. They found each other shortly after the crash of the Exodar, and not long after that got married in the Exodar, with Velen as the minister. They became famous amongst the draenei for their many songs and dances. They have since begun travelling the world, performing for many different races and constantly learning new items to add to their already great repertoire.

Famous Songs They've Made and PerformedEdit

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