The Vilethorn tribe was one of the Forest troll tribes that joined the Blackhood Crusade to eliminate the Zandalar trolls.


Led by Malatorn, the Vilethorn tribe were once loyal allies to the Zandalar trolls until everything changed. Native to northern Lordaeron, the Forest trolls were forced to leave their homeland under the command the Zandalar. Malatorn was furious that he and his tribe were betrayed, so he held a grudge against the Zandalar trolls.

With the arrival of the Burning Legion, the Vilethorn tribe were planning an attack until it was foiled. The invasion nearly killed half of the tribe, but they were able to retreat into the wilderness and took no direct part in the conflict.

The Troll Civil WarEdit

Hiding in the wilderness of the Swamp of Sorrows, the tribe were confronted by a tribe of Furbolgs that held their own against foul creatures invading the swamp. The Vilethorn tribe battled against these wild creatures, forcing them to retreat to Felwood.

Continuing their civilization, Malathorn stumbled across the Pool of Tears, noticing that there was a Sunken Temple in the heart of the lake. Malathorn decided to investigate, and moved towards the Temple of Atal'Hakkar. Believing that this was the intended site for Hakkar's reentry into Azeroth, Malathorn discovered that this temple was held by Jungle trolls and Undead trolls under the command of Avatar of Hakkar and Shade of Eranikus. Malathorn slowly retreated until a undead troll spotted him. Malathorn was able to flee from the temple and alerted the tribe about this incident.

Preparing for war, the Vilethorn trolls battled against the trolls from the temple which led to a civil war. The war came to an end when the Vilethorn tribe was forced to retreat into the sea.

The Dark AgeEdit

After the Cataclysm, the Vilethorn tribe traveled to the northern islands where they meet with several races of the Blackhood Crusade. Malathorn and his tribe swore their loyalty to the Queen of the Crusade, and were ready to fight against the Zandalars.

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