The War of Rebellions, was a war between the UOGE and Rebel forces. In a UOGE attempt to even the score, four emisaries were sent to align the nations of Azeroth with them. This brought the world to temporary peace, until the rebels gained some soldiers from rebellious Azerothians. The four factions were given spacecraft to colonize new worlds (and get the orcs home, but they decided that Kalimdor,Azeroth is their new home). Together, the allied forces of the UOGE forced the rebels to surrender, making the Treaty of Mars.

Notable BattlesEdit

The most notable battles to Azerothians are mostly ner their world, but have different reasons.

  • The Battle of Azeroth- rebels do notable damage to military strength of the Azerothians
  • The Third Battle of Earth- mass blood spill
  • The Fourth Battle of Earth- mass blood spill
  • The Fifth Batlle of Earth- massive loss of life and equipment
  • The Battle of Lusanca- loss of major spacecraft production center
  • Battle of Kalyver- large Alliance and Horde aviaries destroyed
  • Battle of Lubod- major resource operations decimated; large amounts of materials stolen
  • Battle of Pyrole- major resource facilities looted; economies hit hard


The four nations are bolstered as rebel Alliance, Horde, Scouge, and Elven forces and resources are reintegrated into their respective armies. Several rebel planets are annexed. Orbital defenses can be brought offline long enough for upgrades and repairs. Political strength grows significantly. Many strong warriors do lie dead, however.

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