Mogul Weezley Runwheel is a goblin entrepreneur who runs the succesful Runwheel Enterprises combine within the Venture Trading Company (formerly within the Bilgewater Cartel) ,a powerful member of the Trade Coalition.

Runwheel came to be prominent after the openin of the Dark Portal, when he called back his associates from Stormwind fearing that a warfare situation could be detrimental for business. He attended the first summit on neutrality called by trade prince Maldy Bilgewater, during which he was seriously injured after the fight began between the neutrality proponents and the factions close to the orcs.

After the signing of a contract of supply and support between the Orcish Horde and the Steamwheedle Cartel, Mogul Runwheel left Kezan to fulfill prince Maldy's request of negotiating neutrality with the Horde.

Succesful in his negotiations, Runwheel assured peace for the goblin communities near to the orcish holdings. On the eruption of the Second War, the mogul met with his partners in Lordaeron City to discuss the possibility of joining the Horde in order to secure their businesses, may the Orcs ever take over the continent. After transferring his capital to the Maritime Exchange on Sunsail Anchorage.

He later ran a series of operations to weaken the Steamwheedles even more after their loss of the war. He purchased the Alterac Flight Network and the Goblin Tinkers' Exchange on Gilneas. Most of these operattions wer eunsuccesful in the long run, but served their original prupose.

Going up the echelons of power within his Cartel, Runwheel lost favour after Jastor Gallywix lead a coup against trade prince Maldy. That's when he abandoned the Bilgewaters to join the more profitable Crashbrn Cartel. However, seeing that every time the trade princes had more disposition to join factions in the war, Weezley decided to abandon the official trade coalition (as he would not join the Steamwheedles, his sworn enemies) and employ himself to the Venture Trading Company, the largest independent combine in the known world.

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