A Winterwind Crag Road Guard

Winterwind Crag is a small keep in the Alterac Mountains. It is the former home of the Death Knight, Vidruand.

Situated in the north-eastern region of the mountains, Winterwind overlooked Lordamere lake and served to watch over several small passes across the Alterac Mountains. The keep was first constructed about three hundred years ago, during a time of relative tensions between the kingdoms. However, over the years, its role became less and less important. Despite that, the keep maintained a small defense force.

The head of the keep is known as the Roadwarden, a hereditary title traditionally held by the oldest child of the previous Roadwarden. The Roadwarden was charged with maintaining the keep, as well as leading its defenders as they watched over the nearby regions. The Roadwarden carried three weapons as a symbol of their station, known as the Roadwarden's Arms; a Spear, a Shield and a Helmet.

For the last century, the defense forces were largely concerned with watching over the few roads through the area. While they rarely faced any large-scale organized opposition, they would encounter hostile Trolls or Gnolls on occasion, as well as human bandits. None of these forces were ever considered a threat to the keep, but they did pose a risk to the few travelers in the region.

During the second war, while the keep was considered to be out of the main Horde drive, its defenses were reinforced nonetheless. However, the treachery of the Alterac leadership meant that those soldiers never saw battle. With the collapse of Alterac after the second war, the Keep's importance once again increased as its defenders were charged with hunting for the Syndicate as well as renegade Orcs.

The keep's downfall came during the Third war. Vidruand, the third child of the current Roadwarden, plotted against his family to take control of Winterwind Crag. After the Roadwarden was killed by Syndicate bandits, he used the opportunity to lead a Scourge force in an attack on the keep. Caught unaware, its inhabitants - including his family - were slaughtered in the fighting, the keep falling. As a reward, Vidruand, now a Death Knight, was given command of the keep. He took the Roadwardern's weapons as his trophies, going so far as to wear the helm into battle.

For several years, the Keep was used as a base of operations by the Scourge for their assaults. However, following the third war, the Scourge withdrew most of their forces. Vidruand himself was transferred back to Northrend, then to Acherus. Today, the keep stands mostly deserted and has fallen into disrepair.

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