Xabbuto ltnja
Background Information
Race Dwarf
Class Paladin
Guild Legion Of Shadows
Professions Miner, Loot ninja
Vital Statistics
Height 1.5M
Weight 75 kg
Build Pudgey
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age 44
Birthplace Ironforge
Current Residence Unknown

"I'm rolling on that gear"
—Xabbato on anything shiny and not suitable for a retadin, such as prot or mage gear

Rumours sugest this Dwarven paladin lost all his powers and was forced to take up begging after steeling off spec loot. Although they have not been confirmed, a new, dirty filthy bum who looks halfway between a Leper Gnome and a Dwarf has taken up to hanging around the gates of Ironforge begging, and he answers to Xab. Other rumours suggest that once his incompetent ass was no longer being carried by his guildies, the good ones having quit or been drafted, his interest in adventuring waned sharply, leading him to taking up begging to support himself.

"Ninja my loot and discover the hard way that pissing off the bard gets you exactly what you deserve"
—Liinh Miinh Mehy on the rumours that have been spread about Xab

Xabbato does what he does best

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