Basic Information
Race Troll
Class Hunter
Professions Skinner, Leatherworker
Vital Statistics
Height Taller side of average
Weight Average
Build Average
Hair Pink
Eyes Orange
Personal Information
Age 25
Birthplace An island
Current Residence Sen'Jin Village

"I warned you lot dis'd happen!"
—Xanvol, on Kael'Thas's betrayal and subsequent hostile takeover of Sunstrider Isle

Xanvol is a seemingly average Jungle Troll at first glance. However, a few seconds with him will reveal that he is actually a hate-filled ruthless troll hunter who wishes for nothing more than some peace and quiet


As a Jungle Troll, Xanvol's skin is generally unblemished, as a result of his regeneration abilities. He tends to frequently apply orange warpaint to his face, in the belief that this will somehow camouflages him more. Like all Jungle Trolls, his skin is covered in a small layer of fur, in Xanvol's case, this is edging towards green

Xanvol's most obvious feature, however, is his mohawk. It is not only large, but it is pink. Very pink


Xanvol loves peace and quiet, especially the peace of stalking prey through thick undergrowth. However, despite this, he still feels a need to be around cities, such as Orgrimmar. These enviroments tend to get Xanvol a bit annoyed, as he finds when trying to hold a conversation, someone will inevitably run past, or rudely interrupt

It is this hatred of obnoxiously rude people that got him nearly kicked out of Silvermoon once, after he threatened to skin a rather high pitched elf alive

Xanvol hates elves above most other Horde races, however he also does not trust the Forsaken. However, he is a fan of the Aunty Jack Show, especially after an incident in Ogrimmar where he had an excuse to punch an elf in the face

Outside of cities, Xanvol is a surprisingly friendly and well mannered troll, with a love of exploring places. Unfortunately, this is coupled with a loathing hatred of cats for some unknown reason


  • Coming Later rather than Sooner*


As a master of beasts, Xanvol is capable of using many different and dangerous pets


A black raptor, Takk is Xanvol's first and favourite companion. Takk's personality is exceedingly serious, viewing every fight as a life or death opertunity. Ruthless, effective and a good group worker, Xanvol never the less overstates his raptor's abilities

"He's da best companion a hunter could ever 'ave 'mon! He once chased after dis elf on a fast as da Nether cat, and not only caught up wid her, but killed 'er in one blow to da neck! Den da cat? It buggered off somewhere"
—Xanvol, on Takk


A blue wind serpent, this snake was Xanvol's second companion. While not seen as much as Takk, Dreadwing is frequently called upon as, unlike the raptor, he can fly. This wind serpent has a somewhat depressed nature, only fighting because the alternative, getting killed, is the worst choice


A vicious grey warg from Northrend, Barghest is Xanvol's answer to cat hunters. Xanvol claims that the mere sight of this rather fuzzy wolf can cause deeath, however this is untrue. What is known however is that Barghest is an extremely playful dog outside of battle, and shares his master's hatred of cats


A massive dark Devilsaur from the depths of Un'Goro, Tyrannous has never been used in an actual battle. Xanvol considers the massive brute to be his last resort. Allegedly, Tyrannous is also a massive and unruly beast who sees Xanvol's orders as just an indication of what to eat next, rather than actual orders

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