Before his transformation,Zentos was a mighty Night Elven WArrior.He was married to Gegertana Windsmasher.THey were happpily married until the scourge invaded Darnassus.They both fought valiantly,but Gerertana was killed by a skeleton.Over the next thirteen years,Zentos went mad.

In the thirteenth year,he was killed while on a boat by a scourge raid.It just so happened that the Lich King Himself was on the boat.He raised Zentos as a Death Knight and took him back to Acherus.

After three years,Zentos broke free at the Battle for Lights Hope chapel. --Cinderclaw 11:58, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Life after he was freedEdit

After Zentos was freed,he joined Deus X,a raiding guild.He has since made friends with Smadradon,and has not remarried.

Re-death and ressurectionEdit

Zentos was killed by High Orge Mage Gerka Windtoem in Dire Maul.His body stayed in suspended animation unti 10 years later he was ressurected by High priestess Alora from Darnassus.She was leading a reclaiming effort on Dire Maul.Zentos joined this effort and has been helping her ever since.

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